The Washington Commanders end the Baltimore Ravens’ preseason win by 24 games

LANDOVER, Maryland – The smallest league in American professional sports has come to an end. Washington Commander’s kicker Joey Slye threw for 49 yards with nine seconds left to give his team a 29-28 win over the Baltimore Ravens, who came into play on Monday after winning 24 straight preseason games since 2016.

Washington struck four minutes from time The game ended at 28, but Ravens corner Kyu Kelly blocked Commanders fullback Alex Armah after catching a pass from third-line quarterback Jake Fromm, thwarting a Commanders play; Two point conversion. The Ravens with quarterback Anthony Brown Jr.He couldn’t waste time at the bar. With 69 seconds left, Washington hit the No. 4 and No. 11 on his side of the field and was saved after a pass-stop call that kept the game alive.

Fromm and Kazmeir Allen combined for the last eight yards, allowing Slye to stay a safe distance. “We just sanded, scraped, scraped”; Fromm told USA TODAY Sports. I’m concentrating on finding out where The Ravens’039; Because of that pressure, Fromm said he wasn’t thinking too much about breaking their streak. But Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said those who dismissed the streak as a  meaningless streak were wrong.

“Because you never played,” Harbaugh said. “You’ve never played in a pre-season game. You’ve never fought for a spot. And then you have the audacity to say that the effort someone puts into fighting and winning a game like this is nonsense.”

Harbaugh attributed the prolonged streak’s endurance to a multitude of factors, each contributing uniquely to its extended duration, he remarked. This reflects how the organization practices, conducts meetings, nurtures young players, and seeks depth in academic and professional play. In the end, the focus lies on the game of football and the individuals, both male and female, who actively participate in it. It shows why this game is so good and why it’s so important,” Harbaugh said. Given the substantial exertion required, this game revolves around valiant individuals unhesitatingly immersing themselves in challenging and potentially awkward scenarios, all while being related to a physicist. It takes character to play this game and fight like that. Many individuals who have a passion for soccer are drawn to it precisely for this very aspect. They hold admiration for the effort required in engaging.

was a first-round pick battle in Game 1, which pitted Ravens forward Zay Flowers (22nd overall) and Commanders’ corner Emmanuel Forbes (16th overall). Flowers grabbed his first goal, catching it from 11 yards and then finding an open grass bag on a tight pass. He later ran for 26 yards, scoring his first professional touchdown. Commanders quarterback Sam Howell, starting Friday, managed 19 of 25 for 188 yards and two touchdowns, both in the final two minutes of the first half. Washington head coach Ron Rivera held back the starters for the first 30 minutes of the game, which was not without risk; Forward Terry McLaurin grimaced as he left the field with a toe injury.

“It’s not really  a real game,” Howell said, “but at the same time, no matter what team you’re playing for, you want to win.” “It was great to watch and participate.” Powerful . Ravens forward Travis Vokolek, an undrafted rookie from Nebraska, scored two touchdowns in the second half.

Baltimore set the record for most preseason hit streaks since 2021 when they won their 20th straight game, edging the 1959-62 Green Bay Packers (led by legendary head coach Vince Lombardi) from their most prolific preseason dominance. Monday’s game was played in a friendly atmosphere as the teams held two joint practice sessions at the Ravens; last week in Owings Mills, Maryland. The latter practice included two fights between the Washington offensive line and the Ravens; defensive front and that bad blood receded into the background.

Right-back Sam Cosmi unleashes his “griddy” after a touchdown in Washington; Party. Over the weekend, Cosmi was embroiled in practical disagreements, downplaying the Raven’s case. pre-season record.  “I think it’s a stupid record. I mean, who talks (curses) about pre-season games anyway?” Cosmi told reporters.”If we beat him, great. We shall triumph over him, thus let us proceed.


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