US stock markets enjoyed a strong rebound after bond yields hit a high

 • U.S. stock markets staged a strong rebound on Friday following an early rise in bond yields. 

 • September’s jobs report was warmer than expected and could point to a rate hike by the Federal Reserve. 

 • The United Auto Workers organization noted significant progress in negotiations with automakers, which helped bolster market optimism. 

• On Friday, U.S. equities staged a strong rally, overturning a sell-off prompted by the uptick in Treasury yields and the robust labor market.

• The September employment update reveals the creation of 336,000 positions, significantly surpassing expectations of 170,000, with the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.8%.

• This signal underscores the persistent strength of the economy and might compel the Federal Reserve to consider additional interest rate hikes. As a result, selling in the bond market accelerated Friday morning, with the 10-year yield rising 14 basis points before paring some gains.

• The likelihood of a November interest rate increase has risen following the latest employment report and now stands slightly above the 30% mark. Given the strength of employment compared to last month, investors and policymakers will place even greater focus on the next one.” CPI release of the week. In the interim, anticipate market volatility, advised Jeffrey Roach, LPL Financial’s chief economist. Considering that the majority of job additions took place within lower-paying industries, this report may not necessarily trigger inflation concerns in the eyes of the market.

stocks found support in the auto sector after the United Auto Workers abandoned further strikes thanks to a major General Motors dealer, Bloomberg reported.

Here is the position of the American indices at  4:00 p.m.Freitagsschluss:

S&P 500: 4,308.50, up by 1.18%.

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 33.407,58, plus 0,87 % (288.).01 points)

Nasdaq Composite: 13,431.34, up 1.60%

What happened today:

• Treasury yields could rise as much as 6% as the Fed continues to raise interest rates, the research firm says.

• For the real estate market to be considered affordable, incomes would have to increase by 55%.

• Drugs like Ozempic are drawing strong criticism from retailers and food manufacturers amid concerns about falling demand.
• China isn’t divesting itself of its government bonds: It’s just diversifying away from U.S. debt, a former official said.

 In Commodities, Bonds and Cryptocurrencies:

• West Texas Intermediate crude oil rose 0.68% to .87 a barrel. Brent crude oil, the international benchmark, gained 0.6% to .58 per barrel.

• Gold rose 0.47% to,830.88 an ounce.

• The  10-year Treasury yield rose 6.4 basis points to 4.78%.

• Bitcoin rose 2.1% to,940.73.

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