Biden signs 45-day funding bill to keep the government running

WASHINGTON – The Senate passed a last-minute spending bill Saturday evening that aims to prevent a government shutdown that would have catastrophic effects on American society and the American economy.

The Senate voted to pass a continuing resolution at 12:01 a.m. three hours before the federal government shutdown took effect. The bill was signed by President Joe Biden on Saturday evening.

The bill allows the government to remain open for 45 days, giving the House and Senate more time to finalize funding legislation.

The short-term, 71-page bill authored by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Democrat from California, includes funding for disaster relief but does not include new financial aid for the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

Since the beginning of the Great Russian War in Ukraine, the USAmobilized a war fund of more than $43 billion for security assistance to Kiev.

Last Saturday, the House of Representatives voted 335 to 91 to approve the stopgap measure. The chamber will resume its work on Monday.

Biden signs spending bill

President Joe Biden has signed a spending bill – officially H.R. called. 5860 – late Saturday night to avoid a government shutdown.

“I just signed a bill that will keep the government in office for 47 days,” the POTUS Instagram account reported.

“We have enough time to approve government funding projects for the next fiscal year, which is why I urge Congress to get to work immediately.” Americans are waiting for their government to act. Let’s make sure this happens.

Biden says the “manufacturing crisis” related to production disruption should never have happened

President Joe Biden criticized “extreme Republicans in the House of Representatives” as he hailed the bill’s passage.

“This is good news for the American people. But I want to be clear: We should never have been in this position,” Biden said in a statement after the Senate passed the bill.

“Just a few months ago, President McCarthy and I reached a budget agreement to avoid exactly this kind of manufactured crisis. For weeks, Republican hardliners in the House of Representatives have been trying to pull out of the agreement and are calling for drastic cuts that would be devastating for millions of Americans.

“You failed,” Biden said.

The president added that he expected the Republican House speaker to help win more support in the United States.S. Aid to Ukraine, which was omitted from the preliminary bill.

“We cannot, under any circumstances, allow American support for Ukraine to end,” Biden said.

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